About Nature Works

Nature Works is a trademark of Nisarga Works Pvt. Ltd.

Founder Director Kedar Bhide believes that nature is the ultimate form of art in our lives. As a wildlife researcher, a nature enthusiast and a passionate shutterbug, Kedar has showcased the incredible biodiversity of India through his photographs some of which are revealed at www.kedarbhide.com.

There’s nothing that gives a photographer or an artist a worse nightmare than the possibility of their print reproductions being watered-down versions of their visualisation. Kedar has been a victim of this too. Time and again he had found his prints being dealt a rotten hand. He took it upon himself to be the change. And as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining – Kedar’s came in the form of this enterprise. He started Nature Works which is today run by artists who love nothing better than staying true to a creator’s vision.

Under the Nature Works banner, a simple principle is followed –

From Nature, For Nature, Of Nature

Why Choose Us?

We know how to be neutral and respect the photographer’s visualisation without adding any of ours. Sticking 100% true to the original, we try to deliver maximum colour matching to your vision. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to our business, hence each print is carefully made to ensure their requirements are met. Each and every print is discussed with the photographer/artist before executing.  We offer large size prints up to 44 inches on the shorter side, both on paper and canvas. 

We use the best of the printers, Epson P-9000, best of the monitors, EIZO and best of the softwares, Fiery FX  to get the closest match to the original tonality and colours to meet our client requirements. 

Kedar Bhide

Kedar Bhide is an active conservationist whose love for the environment matches his love for photography. According to him, great photographs are not a result of high-end equipment. Instead, one needs to study and understand nature, so that one can translate its magic on camera. Kedar has travelled across the world to follow his passion. He had a long stint in the corporate world at leadership positions and he understands the importance of quality, time and value systems in any endeavour. To view his personal photography work, kindly visit www.kedarbhide.com

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