Art Reproduction

Your artwork reproduced by master photographers

When it comes to reproducing your artwork in prints , you can rely on our imaging experts. From lighting your piece in our studio , photographing it  and preparing the perfect file, we’ve refined the process of digital fine art reproduction. With our highly trained eyes and years of experience, we can create a color-accurate edition of high-quality art prints as beautiful as your original.

Photography process

We start by photographing your artwork at our studio under carefully controlled lighting conditions. Using high-resolution digital cameras, the resulting image is then strategically adjusted in post-production for optimal output.

Retouching and Color Matching

All digital files require preparation before it gets to our giclée printer. When creating edition prints, color matching and retouching  may be required to match your original art as closely as possible. For optimal color matching, we suggest an Artist Proof or Test Print to compare with the original.

Art digital capture

Standard pricing for digital capture

Size on longer sideUp to 12 inches12-24 inches24-36 inches36-48 inches48-60 inches
Charges (INR)180035006000800010000
Prices are excluding GST.
Deliverable – High res digital file of the original painting.
Process includes Basic Grey Card white balance, histogram adjustment and crop/resize.
Note: In case of original paintings that are difficult to carry to our studio, we can come to your place to photograph. For pricing, kindly email

Additional services

Colour matching and retouchingArtists proof / test prints
Our imaging specialists can do accurate colour matching and retouching as per your requirement keeping original artwork in mindWe can do these test print to check colour matching with originals on premium
Fine Art 230 GSM matt paper
Rs. 1200/- per hour will be billed by quarter hourUp to 12 inch on longer side – Rs. 400/-
Up to 24 inch on longer side – Rs. 800/-
Prices are excluding GST
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