Most photographers and artists have experienced issues with getting colours in print to match what’s on screen at some point. Colour is something we take for granted, so when things don’t turn out as expected after getting the prints, it can be confusing and frustrating.

Colour matching is the process in which you make efforts to ensure that the colours you see on your screen are accurately recreated when your art is printed. The idea is to ensure that a particular colour on the screen is printed with the same hue, saturation and brightness. You will never get a 100% match because the image on the screen and image kicked out of the printer are 2 different beasts. Your screen’s pixel are emitted by lights, printer cannot print light.

Therefore, we use EIZO monitors & Fiery FX software for our Colour Matching process.

EIZO monitors  reproduce 99% of the Adobe Colour space so that all colours from your original images are reproduced faithfully and this ensures that images captured are displayed correctly.

Accurate Fiery colour management, with advanced spot-and-process color optimization offers you the best possible colour output each and every time. New dynamic smoothing technology eliminates file-related banding and ensures smooth and consistent quality for fine art production and high-end prints – from desktop to superwide format.

Fiery FX is fully compliant with the latest ISO, G7 or Fogra PSD standards. So you get accurate and predictable results.

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