We spend great deal of time and energy capturing the best shot, ensuring that the image is faithfully reproduced but we hardly spend time and as much energy thinking about how to finish a photograph – Print, frame or archive the image.

Many of us don’t think beyond matte & glossy papers, instead consider the premium fine art papers with archival qualities. If you are looking at display in frames for next two to three years or put into portfolio for showcasing objectives, consider using one of the premium photographic paper as Epson Enhanced Matte or Epson Premium Luster. If you are seeking fine art archival prints for sale or for display in gallery or office or home for longer period of times then Fine Art papers from Hahnemühle or Canson will be worth your time and investment. We offer variety of papers for both objectives and will help you choose right media for your objective .

As we calibrate our camera equipment for custom white balance to a particular white point, papers too exhibit a wide variety when it comes to shades of whites. Whether to use a warmer or cooler paper depends on your subject matter. For portraits or landscapes I will avoid very bright white papers, for neutral black and white images , bright white papers works well. Capability of paper to render deepest shade of black (D-max) is one of the most important considerations in choosing paper type. Photo papers always have a higher Dmax value than matte paper. The third points to be considered are textured or smooth. Your subject matter and mood will determine that.

We have considered above all points and have offered wide range of media which will cover most of your requirements in order to achieve the finest results.

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