Baiga Bracelets (Unisex)


Baigas, a tribe that believes that they are direct descendants of the tiger, are no less interesting or magnificent than the cat itself. Thriving in the forests of the Central Highlands, Baigas are a community with a treasure box of skill sets that are yet to be discovered. Among many of their known skill sets is their art of producing beautiful jewellery that is worn by the women in the village. Worn mostly during festivities like marriage, the jewellery is set in various patterns and is usually colourful in nature. This piece of jewellery is made of what is locally known as ‘Moti dana’ (beads in the chain like formation) and these ingredients are said to be central to their jewellery.

This product has been made by the Baiga women  who live in the buffer areas of Kanha Tiger Reserve. The proceeds from the sale of this jewellery will go to the wonderful ladies who have been responsible for making it.

These bracelets are of different colours.

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Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Brown, Blue, Black

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