”We sat in the middle of a river that had been sipped up by a scorching summer. A fearless sun floating on a vast blank shone splendidly above us. An unlikely quiet forest stood in front of us. And a deadly stillness kept growing until a flash of wind surprised us with a familiar mushy fragrance and a soft rattling over the river bed. And in no time, a two-arms wide stream of fresh water rushed towards us from nowhere. In a very theatrical turn of events we were cocooned in dense grey clouds that had swallowed up the sun in seconds. The mighty monsoons descended from the mountains, sweeping stretches of earth under its train of harvest, health and healing.

We ran to shelter under the waving canopies only to discover one of the most surreal exhibitions. Countless invites of joy wrapped in a raindrop each, knocked on invisible doors in the soil and creatures of all shapes and sizes popped up from all nooks and niches jumping into the celebration. While the white burst into vivid colours on dragonflies, micro greens and the rainbow, the silence burst into elated sounds of frogs, birds and thunder. This was the sight of a forest brimming with life, the blurrier it got, the clearer we could see.

Monsoons are magical in ways beyond words. When else would one see a falling sky which is otherwise unreachable, 3D-modelled winds called clouds which are otherwise invisible, clarity of multiplicity that is otherwise countable. My picture of divinity lies in the beautifully scripted unison of air, water and earth that smells of love and fulfilment.”

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Archival Canvas, Archival Paper


12 x 15 inches, 16 x 20 inches, 24 x 30 inches, 8 x 10 inches


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