Tiger Boundary

Within four walls, we define a space to home in and the space defines us.

Pattachitra artists start with making elaborate borders for their artworks, the borders take a significantly large part of the time taken to complete the whole artwork. To the artist, borders are like putting up a tent somewhere inside the unnerving chaos of a blank canvas. The space inside is a safe home where the artist can unwind fearlessly. This home would witness the dancing of dizzy strokes and dainty splashes to the thoughts of the artist and songs of his homeland. The painting becomes the canvas, in character, and the canvas becomes the painting, in texture.

Just like the artist, a tiger spends a generous part of his life guarding his territory, his home somewhere inside the paralyzing density of a huge forest; meticulously demarcating an evident border with patterns of odours of urine and scratches on barks. On this piece of land, he would paint a healthy patch, balancing the tints and hues in life forms, while he patiently sketches his magnificent life- mating, grooming and feeding off the land. The tiger looks like his land, and the land is shaped by the tiger.

Inspired by Pattachitra folk art, this artwork is an ode to the tiger and his masterpiece, the forest that he makes, the forest that he is made of.

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15 x18 inches, 20 x 24 inches, 25 x 30 inches, 9 x 11 inches


Archival Canvas, Archival Paper


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